Financial Management Firm Chooses FireEye

Canaras Capital Management has implemented a solution from FireEye to secure its network from targeted malware, including botnets

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Canaras Capital Management, LLC, an alternative asset manager specializing in credit markets, has implemented a solution from FireEye, a leader in next-generation network security solutions, to secure its network from targeted malware, including botnets. Botnets are increasingly becoming pervasive threats as they become carriers of ever sophisticated malware into corporate America. Such collections of bots, or remotely controlled computers, pose an enormous threat to the profitability and reputations of businesses as the speed of its propagation has increased exponentially in the last two years. In addition to securing customer data from identity theft, Canaras is protecting its own corporate assets and intellectual property from outside attacks.

“Traditional signature and anomaly based security tools are important but not sufficient to protect information technology property from directed attacks, particularly from well orchestrated attacks typical of those launched through botnets. At Canaras, we take the fiduciary responsibility to our clients very seriously, which we believe, includes their data and our investment processes. As a new firm, our business is based on the reputations of our principles and employees,” said Raffi Jamgotchian, CIO for Canaras. “FireEye has given us a new level of protection, allowing us to proactively protect our network without impeding our operations. We’ve been impressed with its effectiveness.”

FireEye Approach

FireEye addresses the rapid proliferation of botnets and targeted malware – stealthy, organized and profit-driven threats that aim to steal intellectual property, customer information, employee identities and more. The FireEye solution blocks botnets, malware, and stealthy malware attacks by mirroring incoming network traffic and replaying any suspicious traffic flows inside instrumented virtual machines. The FireEye system protects the network from today's clandestine threats as well as future variations and new attack techniques.

With FireEye, Canaras has been able to identify stealthy malware and prevent compromising its network and customer data. Since implementing the FireEye botnet defense solution, Canaras has been able to identify, locate, and analyze the behaviors of several malicious machines that had been compromised but gone undetected by other intrusion prevention, anti-virus, and firewall products.

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