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ethProxy DDoS Mitigation Service Update Provides Self-learning Denial-Of-Service System On The Market

ServerOrigin Communications released an update for ethProxy DDoS mitigation
NEW YORK, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- ServerOrigin Communications ( is releasing the newest update for its ethProxy DDoS mitigation service. This update will enable ethProxy to be the first self-learning denial-of-service system on the market, making this the most advanced DDoS protection service available anywhere.

"This is the first time in the mitigation world where a product can be enabled on a site and learn the difference between good and bad traffic coming into a website," ServerOrigin CEO Kevin Hatfield said. "Until now, providers rely on appliances or custom software which is based on hard limits and thresholds. This update changes the way the consumer should look at protection. We have successfully built a product which will determine anomalies based on normal traffic flow with strictly dynamic rulesets."

Set up to use ethProxy is easy. Users simply point their domain at the IP Address provided by ServerOrigin Communications. Traffic is then filtered and routed back to the user. The user's IP will be hidden and guarded behind the proxy solution to filter any malicious traffic before it reaches their server. Only clean, legitimate traffic will be allowed to reach the user's web site.

"We have a multi-million dollar investment and hundreds of thousands of man-hours building out this solution. We are hands-down, the best," Hatfield said. "If I didn't believe it, we would likely be reselling a competitors product or not be in business at all. Instead, we are continually seeing growth of more than 200% each fiscal year in a time where the economy is unstable and many online providers are closing up shop. I believe it speaks directly to our dedication and quality that we bring to the table."

Along with AnyCast DNS services through a partnership with DNSMadeEasy earlier in the year, the ethProxy service already stands as the giant in the business with fully automated datacenter failover and redundancy across multiple points across the United States, including Seattle, Dallas and Washington, DC. It also has the largest service level agreement from any DDoS mitigation provider, now at a 99.998% guarantee.

About ServerOrigin Communications:

ServerOrigin Communications specializes in enterprise DDoS protection and hosting, while ranking among the top DDoS protection providers worldwide. Services include CDN-based DDoS mitigation, AnyCast DNS, and intrusion detection. ServerOrigin utilizes more than 30 POP locations in the United States and is the premium solution for companies seeking 99.998% service levels with protection against online attacks as large as 30Gbps. Since its founding in 2006, DDoS mitigation provider ServerOrigin Communications has protected more than 1,000,000 domains worldwide.

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