Edentify, Innerwall Team

Edentify announced a joint marketing agreement with Innerwall

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Today Inc., a leading provider of mobile endpoint security solutions, that gives banks and consumers a new, easy, and comprehensive solution for protecting and managing identities during online banking transactions.

“Nearly 52 percent of online consumers are worried about security when they’re banking online--and rightly so,” says Terrence DeFranco, CEO of Edentify. “Online banking is a natural target for identity thieves. But thanks to our partnership with Innerwall, banks can now validate customer identities, and then give their customers total control over who can access their accounts online, as well as when and where online account access takes place.”

The jointly-marketed solution provides banks and other financial institutions with a secure, two-step identity validation and authentication process. Step one: Edentify’s proprietary identity fraud detection technology validates consumer identities when new bank accounts (checking, credit, loans, etc.) are opened. The technology benchmarks the consumer’s identity information when it is initially entered, and uses the benchmark as the source of validation upon subsequent evaluations.

Innerwall Inc.