DriveLock Prevents Data Theft

CenterTools launches DriveLock 5.0 device and application control software


News Facts:

  • Data theft and data disclosure are among the top concerns of IT professionals. Recent high-profile examples include the theft of 2.3 million customer records by an employee of Fidelity National Information Services and the discovery of 320,000 pages of documents, including company secrets, a former Boeing worker had copied without authorization. Statistics compiled by the Web site show a steep increase of data loss incidents. Independent studies show that the cost of a security breach can be hundreds of dollars per data record.
  • DriveLock is designed to bring peace of mind to IT professionals and management by controlling and reporting device use and data transfers. It helps achieve regulatory compliance by auditing device and application use, and it can save money by reducing liability from computer attacks, theft and disclosure of confidential data.
  • DriveLock 5.0 expands device control to more types of devices and gives administrators even more control of who can attach what to a corporate computer. Improvements in DriveLock's encryption makes encrypted drives truly portable by enforcing encryption of data that's copied to mobile media while allowing access on computers that don't have DriveLock installed, such as an employee's home computer. The completely re-designed reporting component lets administrators track who copied which data to a device and whether encryption was used.
  • According to CERT, the computer security incident response team at Carnegie Mellon University reported more than 2,000 computer security vulnerabilities in Q1 2007. With DriveLock, administrators can ensure that only authorized applications are running. This can even block viruses that are not detected by anti-virus software.

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