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Companies favoring optical media over magnetic tape will be able to encrypt their data 'on the fly', DisUK announced

TORONTO -- Companies favoring optical media over magnetic tape for long term archiving will, for the first time, be able to encrypt their data ‘on the fly’, as part of the write process, DISUK announced today. The combination of optical storage media and encryption offers businesses the greatest possible guarantee of information security and authenticity, but with total simplicity of implementation and use.

Data storage encryption specialist DISUK has launched a new addition to its renowned range of Paranoia2 data encryption appliances, which has been certified by optical storage specialist Plasmon following integration testing with its industry-leading UDO® (Ultra Density Optical) media libraries.

DISUK’s Paranoia2 data encryption appliance sits between the archive server and the optical media library itself, and encrypts data as it is transferred. There is no impact in the overall write speed from encrypting the data. Customers with existing Plasmon UDO libraries can deploy DISUK’s new Paranoia2 appliance without modifications to their library or to their archive software or processes.

Steve Tongish, marketing director at Plasmon, said, “UDO technology is the choice for companies that really care about being able to demonstrate unquestioned authenticity of their archived data. Some of them do this for compliance reasons, others for their own risk management purposes, criteria for which sometimes exceeds their legal responsibilities. Adding encryption to the existing attributes of optical storage takes their data security level into a new dimension.”

Rob Gretton, sales and marketing director of DISUK, said, “Plasmon’s UDO media is very stable with a projected life of up to 50 years. Adding data encryption as a security measure increases a company’s vigilance of its own and its customers’ sensitive information. Now data stored on optical media for long term archive and low-cost disaster recovery can be protected from the risk of theft and misuse as well as comply with regulations; optical storage and encryption are perfectly complementary technologies for secure, long term data retention.”

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