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Digital Defense Issued Patent-Pending Status For Technology

Patent is for scanning technology's host reconciliation process
SAN ANTONIO, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI), a leading provider of managed security assessment solutions, announced today a newly acquired patent-pending designation for their scanning technology's host reconciliation process.

DDI's scanning technology, delivered via a cloud-based platform, has long been applauded for streamlining vulnerability management by providing clients with features unique to the market. This capability, Network Host Reconciliation, provides organizations the ability to reconcile new scanning assessment results against prior scans, significantly increasing efficiencies in resource allocation and faster remediation of vulnerabilities that could potentially open the door for a devastating security breach. This ground-breaking approach to vulnerability scanning has now been recognized with a patent-pending assignment.

Gordon MacKay, DDI Executive Vice President/CTO, states, "Obtaining patent-pending status for the Network Host Reconciliation is a significant milestone. We believe our scanning technology has advanced the field of vulnerability management. Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of our clients by providing solutions that are easy to deploy and manage over time, yet provide rapid awareness of potential vulnerabilities."

Managing the results of vulnerability assessments is time consuming. Matching hosts from one scan to the next is tedious, especially when scans are run frequently on all devices in dynamic computer networks. Network Host Reconciliation enables accurate and efficient management of scan results, saving organizations time and reducing security risk by effectively validating the efficacy of remediation activities.

Larry Hurtado, DDI President & CEO, states, "You no longer have to manage the results of vulnerability scans with an unwieldy set of Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets. Our technology, combined with our managed service, allows us to fill a void in the delivery of vulnerability assessment solutions. Now, more than ever, organizations will be able to reduce security risk by performing recurring, full network scans, increase operational efficiencies with automatic reconciliation and prioritization of scan results, and realize more rapid and effective remediation of vulnerabilities. The receipt of the patent-pending designation on the Network Host Reconciliation is just one example of the innovation that is part of the culture here at DDI."

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