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Data Sharing, Added Security Steps Drive Consumers to Shop Elsewhere

A new survey finds most shoppers will stop a transaction if asked for too much personal information or to complete many security steps.

Consumers don’t have much patience online and will abandon a brand if they aren't able to balance convenience and privacy, new research shows.

A survey from Ping Identity finds 77% of consumers say they have abandoned or stopped creating an online account for a variety of reasons, including being asked to provide too much personal information (40%), needing too much time to enter info (33%), and too many security steps (29%).

The research also finds 56% have abandoned an online service when logging in was too frustrating and 63% are likely to leave an online service for a competitor who makes it significantly easier to authenticate their identity.

Other highlights include:

  • 44% admit to weak password practices, including making a minor change to an old password (29%) or reusing a password from another account (15%)
  • 72% have manually adjusted their profile settings to control privacy
  • 60% have dropped an account over privacy concerns

The full details of the survey can be found here.