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Cyber Monday: Golden Rules For Big Businesses, Small Businesses And Individuals

Radware's Ron Meyran provides tips on how companies can protect their bottom lines
MAHWAH, N.J.: November 22, 2011 — Cyber Crime has shifted in recent years from financial or informational hacks to vigilante hactivism. Today’s hackers might break into a secure system or launch a DDoS attack for traditional reasons, but more than ever, attacks against businesses that didn’t behave within the hackers’ sets of ideals are becoming commonplace. With the last month of the year the time period where most businesses rake in the majority of their revenue, this makes this time period the most vulnerable attack time. For anyone who wants to put a dent in a company’s bottom line – now is the time to strike. Enterprises can stay protected with these golden rules from Ron Meyran, director of security product at Radware.

Golden rules for large retailers