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Cryptzone Enters SaaS Market With Email Security App

TeleComputing Norway to introduce Cryptzone's encryption products to its customers
Gothenburg 8 july, 2009 - Today, TeleComputing Norway AS and Cryptzone signed an agreement on sales cooperation. TeleComputing Norway , a company of the TeleComputing Group and one of Norway's leading SaaS vendors, software as a service, aims to introduce Cryptzone's encryption products to their customers. First priority for TeleComputing is the mail encryption product, Secured eMail.

The TeleComputing Group has 700 employees in 7 locations in 3 countries and around 800 corporate customers in the Nordic countries. Since 2000, TeleComputing ASA has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

"Cryptzone has extended its traditional sales channels from strictly selling end-user licenses to providing SaaS, to the market. This means requiring income per month on top of the ordinary sales revenue. The fact that we've now signed an agreement with one of Norway's leading players in the SaaS market is very satisfactory for the company" says Peter Davin, CEO of Cryptzone. "With this agreement, we will get a head start. We evaluate the SaaS market to be globally significant and we will start a marketing campaign directed towards the European market during the fall." Peter continues.

For more information:

Peter Davin, VD Email: [email protected] Phone: +46 (0)701 839 199

About Cryptzone: Cryptzone is a recognized leader in data leak prevention solutions that secure data at rest and in transit. Its mission is to provide security technology that people actually can and will use, thereby increasing the overall data protection and minimizing data leaks. Cryptzone helps users secure email, files, folders, disks, USB sticks and mobile terminals without forcing users to change the way they work, while giving IT departments' complete control of user rights. The company has offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, Los Angeles, US, and Munich, Germany. For more information about Cryptzone and the company's portfolio of encryption solutions, please visit

Cryptzone is listed and trading on First North. First North is an alternative market, operated by the different exchanges within NASDAQ OMX. Certified Adviser on First North: Thenberg & Kinde Fondkommission AB, Phone: +46 (0) 31-745 50 00

About TeleComputing TeleComputing Group is a fast growing provider of complete IT services in the Nordic SMB market. TeleComputing delivers market-leading and environmentally friendly solutions in the IT operations, outsourcing, IT On Demand and SaaS-related services (Software as a Service). It's subsidiary, Kentor, is a system-intergrator which provides qualified business and operations specialists, systems development and IT-services. The organization has 700 employees in 7 locations in 3 countries and around 800 corporate customers in the Nordic countries. TeleComputing ASA is since 2000 listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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