CryptoCard to Hold Workshop

CryptoCard's 'It Takes More Than Technology' reseller workshop explains that technology alone cannot solve real business security issues

LONDON -- CRYPTOCard (, the leading authentication technology developer for multi-vendor computer environments, is providing an innovative, fully-interactive "It Takes More Than Technology" workshop for U.K. security

resellers at the Canadian Embassy in London on June 6, 2007. During the workshop Jason Hart, CEO, CRYPTOCard Europe, and a former ethical hacker will provide attendees with thought-provoking real-world examples of actual security issues facing today's businesses and explain why these issues cannot be solved with technology alone.

"Unless organizations understand the nature of the threat to their systems, it is simply impossible to counteract them," said Jason Hart, CEO, CRYPTOCard Europe, and a former ethical hacker. "Security is only as good as the people using it, and so CRYPTOCard's goal is to help resellers and organizations improve their knowledge of how to set up and use technology to

create a security solution that will provide a significant barrier to any unauthorized users trying to infiltrate a network," Hart continued. "This innovative real-world workshop will provide VARs with the knowledge required

to protect their clients' networks from today's sophisticated hacker."

Business security topics covered will include best practices for securing SSL VPNs, how to use simple password management to improve compliance and auditability, and password management solutions can reduce support costs and

increase user effectiveness. The workshop will also provide a high-level view of today's security market and explain how it will change over the next

3-to-5 years, as well as a detailed review of the security reseller market, including education on how to improve margins, increase reseller pipelines, and reduce sales cycles.

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