Credit Union Chooses ConSentry

The TCUL has deployed the ConSentry LANShield Controller and InSight Command Center to enable identity-based access control across the LAN

MILPITAS, Calif. -- ConSentry Networks, a leading provider of secure LAN solutions, announced today that the Texas Credit Union League (TCUL) has deployed the ConSentry LANShield(TM) Controller and InSight(TM) Command Center to enable identity-based access control across the LAN. The need for simple authentication, a flexible security system, and a cost-effective solution drove the league to select ConSentry over several competing architectures and solutions.

The Texas Credit Union League is an official state trade association serving credit unions in Texas. The TCUL's mission is to protect credit unions while promoting their growth, strength, and unity. TCUL represents more than 600 credit unions throughout Texas. The league's network is the backbone of communications to its members, suppliers, and partners. Because of the variety of users and organizations accessing resources over a common infrastructure, identity-based control was the leading requirement in securing access on the LAN.

"A lot of NAC vendors focus on posture check and remediation," said Bill Braun, vice president, information systems for the Texas Credit Union League. "That's not what we were interested in. We needed port-level access control, based on the user's role within the organization."

ConSentry Networks Inc.

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