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Covelight, Coral8 entered into an alliance to deliver an integrated platform for the real-time capture and processing of online data

CARY, N.C. -- Covelight Systems, the innovator of real-time application-independent online management solutions, and Coral8, Inc., a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced the two companies have entered into a strategic alliance to deliver an integrated platform for the real-time capture and processing of online data and Internet application events. The combined platform will enable customers and solution partners to implement a variety of applications that were previously too costly to develop and maintain, including real-time security and performance monitoring, fraud detection, personalization, and problem resolution.

Through the partnership, Coral8 and Covelight will offer an event stream adapter between Covelight’s FraudProbe™ and the Coral8 CEP Engine. This will create an integrated platform, where customers can seamlessly build and deploy powerful CEP applications with the Coral8 Engine that can analyze high volume real-time internet events that Covelight FraudProbe™ manages. The combined platform can provide deep visibility into online operational data including network-level, HTTP, and business-level events and supports sophisticated event processing and correlation. Solutions developed on the combined Coral8–Covelight platform require no integration with applications or production servers, can be rapidly deployed, have zero impact on application performance, and are highly scalable.

“As companies strive to real-time-enable business-critical functions, they are tapping into greater amounts of high-speed, high-volume data. Our Capture-Transform-Feed (CTF) architecture supplies applications built with the Coral8 CEP Engine with the online and internet data they need in real-time and in a useable format, enabling applications that drive competitive advantage,” said Spencer Snedecor, Covelight’s CEO. “The Coral8 engine is an ideal CEP platform to work with the real-time online information our CTF architecture provides."

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