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Columbitech Simplifies Retail Security With Application-Transparent Mobile Solution For All Wireless Environments

Mobile VPN enables secure access to all WiFi and 3G networks while meeting PCI compliance
New York - January 12, 2009 - Columbitech today announced it is providing an application-transparent mobile solution to retailers targeted at simplifying wireless retail security while complying with PCI DSS standards. The Columbitech Mobile VPN enables retailers to secure the entire wireless environment for all users, mobile devices and applications. With one single software-based solution, retailers increase productivity and ensure security with reliable connectivity, all while minimizing costs.

As the only TLS-based software solution to secure both WiFi (WLAN) and 3G (WWAN) environments, the Columbitech mobile VPN provides retailers with a more cost-effective alternative to WPA2 to secure all wireless networks. The mobile VPN also allows retail workers to focus on productivity with Single Sign On functionality providing uninterrupted connectivity and session persistence.

Retailers continue to take advantage of wireless technology and the productivity benefits of mobile devices such as POS terminals, mobile computers and smart phones. In doing so, additional security products are often needed to fully secure the store's entire network, including access to company and customer data. The Columbitech mobile VPN eliminates the need for multiple security products by providing one seamless security solution for all users and devices. For example, a retail employee using a mobile device for inventory management can walk from an aisle inside the store to a delivery truck outside with continued security and connectivity - increasing productivity for users as well as the retailer's bottom line.

Using the Columbitech mobile VPN, retailers will also benefit from instant software updates as security standards evolve, which prevents the need to replace expensive equipment. This reduces costs and allows retailers to maintain full security while addressing future applications and requirements.

"Retailers must carefully monitor wireless network security, especially regarding WPA TKIP implementations - which were recently cracked," said Asa Holmstrom, president of Columbitech. "This latest development underscores the importance of a software security product such as the award-winning Columbitech mobile VPN, which can update new security standards to ensure complete security at all times."

Columbitech's offering for retailers support a wide range of retail devices and operating systems from proprietary to Windows Mobile 6.1. The Columbitech mobile VPN was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2008 Global Market Strategy Leadership Award.

About Columbitech Columbitech, the world's most deployed mobile VPN provider, enables fearless enterprise mobility and unleashes the power of wireless. Its software solution offers seamless security for any mobile device and application, with support for WLAN and public networks, including 3G, 4G and WiMAX. The Columbitech solution provides transparent access to enterprise applications from any network, without requiring any changes to hardware.

With over 2 million deployed users, customers include three of the top ten U.S. retailers, several large European service providers and all military branches in the U.S. The embedded solution is OEM licensed by leading companies, including Motorola and Ericsson. The Columbitech solution holds a FIPS 140-2 certification. The company is privately held with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and New York, USA.