Clouseau Ends File Sharing

SafeMedia announced the introduction of its flagship product

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- SafeMedia Corporation, premier developer of advanced Internet Piracy Prevention (IPP) technology, today announced the introduction of its flagship product, Clouseau, the world's first and only truly effective solution for Internet peer-to-peer (P2P) copyrighted material piracy.

Clouseau is a network appliance deployed on subnets that completely eradicates all illegal P2P, and makes it impossible to send or receive any illegal P2P transmissions.

"Losses to P2P piracy are higher then ever. Billions of dollars and thousands of jobs are lost. Current technology is clearly ineffective at stopping P2P piracy," said Safwat Fahmy, CEO and founder of SafeMedia Corporation. "What was needed is a totally new approach in system architecture. Clouseau is the best-of-breed Internet Piracy Prevention solution. It was designed from the ground up specifically to stop all P2P Internet piracy no matter where it originates world wide, it is safe and invisible, causes little or no latency in the network, it is self-healing and best of all, it is a user-friendly compliance, and completely shields user anonymity."

Advanced technology and a unique approach to fingerprinting and DNA markers created by SafeMedia allow the thorough examination of all incoming and outgoing packets: illegal P2P is eradicated, while legal P2P passes along to its destination with no measurable delay.

"We've made Clouseau dynamically proactive, safe and hardened," added Mr. Fahmy. "Pirates are smart and innovative, and so is Clouseau. Our technology is dynamic, sees through all multi-layered encryptions, adaptively analyzes network patterns and constantly updates itself. Packet examinations are noninvasive and infallible. There are no false positives."

SafeMedia Corp.

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