CipherOptics Simplifies PCI Compliance Over Public Networks And Internet

CipherOptics’ Virtual IP technology allows customers to secure PCI regulated data over public and private networks simultaneously
Raleigh, NC August 3rd, 2010 - CipherOptics, the leader in scalable network encryption, announced today the addition of Virtual IP support to its Group Encryption solution, CipherEngine. This new feature simplifies compliance with industry regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI”) by extending the cost and performance advantages of group encryption to both public and private networks.

“Many of our customers in the financial, insurance and retail industries have remote branches, small offices or home offices that use the Internet to access their corporate networks. These communications are subject to PCI compliance and tend to be the most difficult to protect,” explained Thomas Gill, CEO of CipherOptics. “Now these organizations can leverage the power of CipherEngine’s group encryption capabilities and our Virtual IP technology to encrypt their data as it traverses the Internet and other public or private networks.”

In addition to the Virtual IP support, CipherOptics also announced the expansion of its CEP line of encryptors to include both 3Mbps and 6Mbps options at price points designed for these same remote, branch and home offices.

“With a street price of less than $1,000 for large deployments, the 3Mbps encryptor allows organizations to cost effectively secure their remote and branch offices and comply with PCI and other regulations, regardless of how they are connecting to the corporate network,” said Gill. “With CipherEngine, the corporate security administrator can now easily manage the security of all their locations with a single, easy to use solution instead of having to manage dozens, even hundreds, of separate VPNs.”

CipherEngine eliminates the need for IPsec VPNs and infrastructure modifications. Capable of encrypting at Layer 2, Layer 3, or Layer 4, it is also the only encryption solution available that meets demands for increased network security while maintaining the low latency performance required by today's communication and business processing applications.

“CipherEngine’s support of Virtual IP and lower link speed options is a significant step forward in easing the burden for many companies of complying with PCI and other data privacy regulations, especially those with branch offices,” says Allen Harper, founder of N2NetSecurity, Inc., a certified PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). “Extending the benefits of group encryption to Internet and remote branches is a welcomed breakthrough for companies looking to consolidate security across the enterprise.”

About CipherOptics CipherOptics makes network encryption easy. Our scalable policy and key management solution and our wire-speed encryption appliances are quick to install and easy to manage. Whether you need to encrypt a single link or an entire network, our solutions offer the highest level of data protection and performance for the lowest total cost.

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