CipherOptics Launches Solution

CipherOptics announces the general availability of the CipherOptics SG10G-B

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Responding to the market demand for a more comprehensive approach to scalable encryption, CipherOptics, the recognized innovator of easy to install, cost-effective solutions for data protection, today announces the general availability of the CipherOptics SG10G-B, the industry’s first 10Gig IPsec encryption solution. With 10-Gigabit Networks showing signs of becoming the general-purpose successor to Gigabit Networks, the SG10G-B removes the limitations of traditional encryption, allowing organizations to customize secure data streams with an automated security policy generation and distribution method that simplifies the complexity of managing encrypted links.

As security breaches rise and network boundaries continue to disappear, enterprises are struggling for solutions that seamlessly integrate data protection into the network. Because the CipherOptics SG10G-B integrates into any network without requiring changes to the existing IT architecture, the solution delivers the lowest cost of ownership and highest return on investment in the industry today. Providing enterprises with the functionality and support to secure their data in motion as it has never been possible before, the SG10G-B allows for simplified security configuration policy management, saving time and money while increasing productivity and simplifying network operations.

The SG10G-B is the first encryption solution that virtualizes a set of encryption modules as a single 10-Gigabit IPsec system that supports stateful failover between encryption modules, supports policy and key synchronization between the installed encryption modules, and provides a centralized management tool that reduces the time for system installation and management. With this unique approach, end users can optimize encryption and traffic flow resources, pool them for full 10-Gigabyte Network performance or use the SG10G-B as an aggregation point for thousands of high speed IPsec data streams.

Enterprises moving to 10 Gigabit Networks are collapsing independent Networks into one corporate or wide area backbone. As a result, voice networks, storage networks and corporate e-mail networks are increasingly sharing the same high speed connections. The CipherOptics SG10G-B gives customers the ability to prioritize encrypted traffic by available bandwidth, maximizing the performance of their network with advanced traffic priorities that encrypts the right traffic to ensure that high priority traffic such as VoIP is transmitted securely without delay.

“As data breaches engulf the front page, organizations are beginning to examine their end to end security and discovering that there are significant gaps,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, IT Harvest. “Organizations need to look to solutions that will provide the necessary speed and control to encrypt data across traffic streams to effectively plug these security gaps.”

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