CipherMax Eases Migration to LTO-4 Encryption

CM140T includes first unified key management system to support legacy media, encrypting tape drives, and VTLs

DALLAS -- CipherMax, the technology leader of enterprise-class storage security solutions, today announced that its CM140T storage security solution now supports the key management functions for LTO-4 encrypting tape drives and media, as well as line-speed data encryption capabilities for Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL). This marks the first storage encryption solution on the market that can seamlessly manage legacy and encrypting tape devices using a common key management system, providing a cost-effective means of migrating to an integrated storage encryption solution.

"Over the next three to five years, many companies will use a mix of legacy and encrypting tape media for back-up, disaster-recovery and data replication applications," said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group "But managing multiple key management systems and scratch pools with mixed media can introduce significant challenges within an organization. Companies clearly need a solution to simplify the process and ease the migration to encrypted tape."

"The fundamental problem is that there has been tremendous capital invested in legacy tape drives and media. Most customers might not want to upgrade to new encrypting drives immediately," said Ray Kao, chairman and CEO of CipherMax. "In addition, the key management solutions currently available for LTO-4 do not address the complexities of managing mixed media. The CM140T provides a common system to seamlessly manage and encrypt legacy tape drives and new encrypting drives. This technology is critical to enable the mass adoption of encrypted tape."

CipherMax Inc.