Check Point Offers On-Demand

Check Point announced the immediate availability of Check Point Integrity Clientless Security 4.0

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced the immediate availability of Check Point Integrity(TM) Clientless Security 4.0, the most advanced solution to the problem of unsafe PCs outside the control of the IT department. Integrity Clientless Security 4.0 protects enterprises against the risks posed by unmanaged guest PCs without requiring IT to pre-install security software on those network endpoints. Its unique new combination of customizable and highly effective defenses secures Apache and IIS-based Web applications with the lowest possible impact on IT staff and end-users as well as addresses identity theft by thwarting techniques and malware used to steal personal information. No other on-demand endpoint security alternative provides the fully integrated, comprehensive, and end user-friendly protection available with Integrity Clientless Security 4.0.

Securing online banking accounts, consumer e-commerce accounts, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, SSL VPN network access, and other Web applications demands a solution that preemptively defeats threats while maintaining end user satisfaction. The solution must be able to:

  • Stop keystroke loggers from capturing users' login credentials and sending them to unauthorized parties.
    Integrity Clientless Security 4.0 now employs advanced heuristics for highly accurate keystroke logger detection and blocking.
  • Prevent the exposure of confidential data by spyware or by leaving downloaded data on a public PC. The new Secure Workspace in Integrity Clientless Security provides a virtualized, encrypted environment that hides data used during the session from any malicious software or other non-approved application on the remote PC. The Secure Workspace also prevents copying of session data to USB or other storage devices, and it deletes all session data from the PC after the session is over.
  • Enforce compliance with enterprise security policy both prior to login and while the user is connected. Integrity Clientless Security 4.0 enables granular network access control that can include requiring up-to-date antivirus, patch installation, and other conditions before it grants a PC access to the enterprise network.
  • Minimize the impact on the end user experience by delivering the smallest and least intrusive on-demand security browser plug-in or applet needed to secure a consumer's, business partner's, or employee's home PC. For example, a bank might choose to send only the anti-keystroke logger component of Integrity Clientless Security 4.0 to a consumer accessing an online account, since that small component alone will stop fraudulent account logins invisibly and require no end-user interaction.

"Many customers told us they couldn't find a security product that would thoroughly mitigate the risks of non-company owned PCs accessing their Web applications," said Ken Fitzpatrick, chief marketing officer of Check Point Software Technologies. "This latest version of Integrity Clientless Security was developed specifically to fulfill this unmet need. It's an unequaled solution in the true sense of the word."

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