Certicamara Selects SafeNet Tokens

SafeNet tokens to secure digital identities, critical business information and transactions throughout Colombia

BALTIMORE -- SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, today announced that Certicámara, the digital Certification Authority (CA) for the Colombian Republic, selected and integrated SafeNet’s iKey USB tokens into their Public Key Infrastructure in order to store and protect the digital identities of Colombian citizens.

In accordance with Colombian Republic legislation regarding the security of private keys, Certicámara needed to distribute digital certificates to 17,000 individual subscribers and more than 4,000 business subscribers for user authentication. Distributing the certifications will secure Internet transactions such as Web form signing, approval and authorization of systems, information workflow systems, and any Web application that required identity control and integrity of information management.

“SafeNet iKeys are the perfect solution,” said Marcela Bello Z, Commercial Director for Certicámara. “The iKeys not only satisfy our requirements, but helped us meet necessary security compliance. SafeNet’s excellent reputation and confirmed technical accreditations were key reasons for choosing SafeNet as a partner.”

SafeNet Inc. (Nasdaq: SFNT)