Camera Detects Liquids

Brijot Demonstrates only security camera to detect liquids concealed on a person at ASIS 2006

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Advanced technologies capable of detecting concealed items such as liquids are available for prime-time use today and, moreover, Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc.’s real-time, full-motion BIS-WDS™ Prime is the only system to detect liquids concealed on a person automatically, while that person moves. With the current interruption to “puffer” deployments—the only product currently in use within U.S. airports capable to detecting explosives on a passenger—due to unanticipated problems, the availability of Brijot’s system is especially relevant as the TSA, DHS, law enforcement and private enterprise now face pressure to find safe, reliable, concealed threat detection screening solutions.

To highlight its real-time, full-motion liquid detection capabilities, Brijot will demonstrate a BIS-WDS™ Prime two-camera deployment at ASIS International 52nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in San Diego, California, in September 2006.

Brijot Imaging Systems Inc.