Bush Proposes Increased Funding for Cybersecurity

President Bush wants to pour more money into cybersecurity for the coming fiscal year, up 10 percent to $7.3 billion.Thanks to the work of random hackers, organized crime and foreign governments, the number of security attacks against federal government information systems and databases shot up 152 percent in 2007. One-third of those 13,000 attacks are still under investigation in terms of what information was taken and who took it. There's a particular focus on China, where several cyberspace attacks around the world in 2007 were sourced, according to the Pentagon.

"We're concerned that the threats are real and growing," said Robert Jamison, DHS' undersecretary for national protection and programs. "We're more vulnerable as a nation."

Earlier this week, Homeland Security began a weeklong series of cybersecurity drills to learn how to better respond to attacks, concentrating on the chemical, information technology, communications, and transportation (rail/pipe) sectors.USA Today, ABC News