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BSA Recommends Ways To Continue Improving CISPA In The Senate

Government relations director Tim Molino outlined three key priorities
WASHINGTON, DC -- May 30, 2013 -- BSA | The Software Alliance today called on the US Senate to continue improving privacy and civil liberties protections in the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) as cybersecurity legislation moves forward in the upper chamber.

Writing on BSA's TechPost blog, Government Relations Director Tim Molino outlined three key priorities: First, ensuring that sharing cyber threat information remains voluntary; second, requiring companies to make a civilian agency their first point of contact when provide data to the government if they want liability protection; and third, holding companies accountable for promises they make to customers about data sharing.

"As passed in the House, CISPA would greatly improve the situational awareness of front-line IT professionals and law enforcement authorities by breaking down legal barriers that currently discourage information sharing between and among the public and private sectors," Molino wrote. "But additional improvements are still needed before BSA and many other stakeholders can support final passage of legislation on information sharing -- and before President Obama would agree to sign it."

Click here to read Molino's blog post detailing BSA's three main priorities.

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