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BreakingPoint Awarded Patent For Network Processor

Technology re-creates Internet-scale cyber war in a controlled environment
AUSTIN, Texas — Oct. 6, 2010 —BreakingPoint today announced that a patent has been awarded for the company’s breakthrough in network processor technology, which unleashes the real-world, global-scale network conditions required to measure the resiliency — performance, security and stability — of network and data center infrastructures. The innovation drives the world’s only cyber tomography machine (CTM), the BreakingPoint Storm CTM™.

Overview of BreakingPoint Patent for Network Processor Architecture

* BreakingPoint’s patented innovation uses the power and efficiency of custom-programmed network processors to generate the same mix of realistic applications, attacks, and user load that global organizations see on their own networks. * BreakingPoint employees now hold more than 30 patents, many for breakthroughs in network processor technology. * Driven by this patented network processor architecture, the BreakingPoint Storm CTM is a compact, easy-to-use and low-maintenance device uniquely capable of measuring network and data center resiliency through the following: o Performance — Unleashes Internet-scale network conditions with 40 Gbps of stateful, blended application traffic; 130+ application protocols; 4,500+ live security attacks; and more. o Scalability — Emulates 30 million simultaneous TCP sessions, 1.5 million TCP sessions per second, and 80,000 SSL sessions per second, and scale to limitless performance levels with a single interface and integrated reporting. o Currency — Stays current with weekly updates that deliver the latest application protocols and security attacks directly to the device.

BreakingPoint Patented Innovation Replaces Costly and Complex Performance Labs and Cyber Ranges

The size, scale, and complexity of today’s networks and data centers force enterprises, service providers, and governments to either invest millions of dollars building out large-scale labs to determine the resiliency of their infrastructures, or take a perilous wait-and-see approach. Companies were forced into this no-win situation because, historically, the only way to simulate Internet-scale realism was to invest in an enormous server farm or cyber range, and then add on load-testing software license fees. As networks and data center infrastructures continue to grow in scale and importance, organizations have realized that they cannot keep up and must stop throwing massive amounts of hardware — and money — at the problem.

BreakingPoint recognized this challenge five years ago and leveraged the company’s unparalleled network processor expertise. The result: custom-programmed network processors that generate the same mix of realistic applications, attacks, and user load that global organizations see on their own networks. Harnessing this network-processor innovation, the BreakingPoint Storm CTM can replace enormous server farms, performance labs or cyber ranges with a single three-slot-chassis device.

BreakingPoint Recreates as Much Data as the Library of Congress, in Just One Hour

“The crush of complex application traffic and increasing user load are on a collision course with today’s network and data center infrastructure,” said Dennis Cox, BreakingPoint CTO and co-founder. “Antiquated performance labs and cyber ranges simply throw hardware, money, and resources at the problem, which is inadequate, inefficient, and wasteful. This is why we harnessed the power and performance of network processors. Our patented network processor architecture can recreate as much nonrepetitive data in one hour as you would find in the entire Library of Congress. This ability to unlock ultimate performance and realism in a small form factor has fundamentally changed the way organizations harden networks and data centers, conduct global cyber security research, and measure the performance of large application infrastructures.”

About BreakingPoint

BreakingPoint is the standard by which the world’s governments, enterprises, and service providers measure and harden the resiliency of their network and data center infrastructures. BreakingPoint’s patented network processor-driven architecture powers the world’s first and only Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM) to expose previously impossible-to-detect stress fractures within network and data center infrastructure components, before they are exploited to compromise customer data, corporate assets, brand reputation, and even national security. BreakingPoint was recently recognized by the 2010 American Security Challenge and 2010 Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) Awards for innovation in securing critical network infrastructures. For more information, visit

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