Biopharmaceutical Co. Picks 3D Face Readers

Bioscrypt VisionAccess 3D Face Readers meet unique needs of pharmaceutical industry

TORONTO -- Bioscrypt Inc. (TSX: BYT), a leading provider of enterprise access control technology, today announced a leading multinational integrated biopharmaceutical company and one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies on NASDAQ, has chosen Bioscrypt's VisionAccess 3D facial recognition technology to secure access to its facilities and white rooms, where it produces pharmaceuticals.

Bioscrypt's 3D facial recognition biometric technology both enhances and simplifies the Company's access control processes, allowing it to increase security as well as ease of use for employees. VisionAccess allows employees to enter facilities using their face as the sole identification factor. This eliminates the need for badges, which are not allowed in production or white rooms where employees cannot bring any foreign objects. Bioscrypt's solution also enabled the Company to better meet regulatory requirements for securing white rooms.

"With the strong regulations in our business, we have looked at various solutions to secure our new administration and production site ranging from Smart Cards, PIN codes and fingerprint biometrics but 3D face recognition from Bioscrypt was clearly the best solution in the market to secure a pharmaceutical production site," said the Project Director at the Company. "3D face provides the high level of security required to secure access to white rooms where drugs are produced. The solution is extremely quick, elegant and above all it does not require a badge as no products are allowed inside white rooms. Our employees have their face as the sole identifier to enter the building and access the white rooms!"

Bioscrypt Inc.