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AuthEntry Releases Multipurpose, Multifactor Authentication Technology

Secures vulnerable usernames and passwords, and physical and logical entry points
Plaistow, NH – October 10, 2013 – AuthEntry, officially launches its patent pending Multi-Purpose, Multi-Factor Authentication suite. The company created the solutions to address the need for a more secure, convenient and cost effective way to eliminate vulnerable Usernames and Passwords, secure physical and logical entry points and enhance end user security from common password breaches.

"Usernames and Passwords are the most vulnerable access points into corporate and personal data, so we set out to eliminate the need for them. Our simple approach has been validated and embraced by both consumer and corporate users," said AG Hebert, founder and CEO. "We listened to the market and have combined several standard technologies into one secure and convenient "key". The LogiKey TM grants physical access into company buildings, in addition to logical access into computers, networks, email and online accounts all on one secure, convenient device that you carry with you."

All AuthEntry products are encrypted by authentication certificates via NFC tags and smart chip technology as a standalone key or combined with reader pads for secure data transmission with symmetric cryptographic algorithms, triple DES, ISO/IEC 7816 that meet NIST standards. The flagship product, The LogiKey, adds and extra layer of protection, while making the user experience more convenient compared to having to remember multiple usernames and passwords at work and at home. AuthEntry Solutions come in various form factors such as Bracelets, Key Fobs, Cellphone Cases, Employee ID or student badges.

"We think AuthEntry is a fantastic solution to protect the safety of our teachers and students at school and at home," said Sue Collins, teacher and store manager, Lawrence Public Schools. "It gives our students a more secure feeling knowing no one else beside them and the teachers can get into the buildings and computers and don't have to remember or write down multiple passwords."

The LogiKey is currently available to purchase online for $49.99. Additional AuthEntry products can also be purchased via the online store. For more information about the entire AuthEntry product suite visit us at:


About AuthEntry

AuthEntry is a security company that is uniquely positioned and forging the Multi-Purpose, Multi-Factor Authentication market. We enable consumers and businesses with highly encrypted defense mechanisms to keep their logical and physical worlds safe from unauthorized personnel, hackers and data thieves while providing a low total cost of ownership with secure and convenient solutions that are proven and effective against personal and corporate breaches.

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