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Asia Leapfrogs Europe To Become Top Spam Continent, Sophos Reports

Sophos has published its latest report into the top 12 spam-relaying countries
Europe and North America are improving, while spam from Brazil, Russia and Romania is on the increase in the latest 'Dirty Dozen' of spam-relaying countries.

IT security and control firm Sophos has published its latest report into the top twelve spam relaying countries, covering the first quarter of 2011. Despite remaining at the top, the United States' proportion of the global spam output fell significantly from 18.83 percent to 13.7 percent of all spam relayed from compromised computers.

The United Kingdom also saw a drop, with its spam pollution falling from 4.54 percent to 3.2 percent of total global spam relayed, representing a move down from fifth to sixth place in the dirty dozen.

The top 12 spam relaying countries for January to March 2011 are as follows:

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