AppSecInc Awarded Patent

Company's innovation enables users to efficiently leverage encryption for more effective database security

NEW YORK -- Application Security, Inc., the leading provider of database security solutions for the enterprise, today announced that the company has been awarded a patent for database encryption. United States Patent 7,266,699 titled, “Cryptographic Infrastructure for Encrypting a Database,” provides a simple, systematic method for storing data in a relational database management system that substantially eliminates or reduces the challenges associated with the encryption of non-relational data.

The newly patented Application Security, Inc. invention gives database administrators (DBA’s) the ability apply modern cryptography to the database systems they administer. It provides a transparent encryption infrastructure, which – via a graphical user interface – allows DBAs to select the columns within the database they’d like to encrypt and choose the algorithm they’d like to apply. DBAs can select encryption strength, leveraging a graphical console that allows the creation of working code with simple point-and-click functionality. Database triggers and views are automatically created and implemented with this approach to efficiently encrypt and decrypt data with minimal impact on database performance; to securely manage multiple encryption keys; and to grant and revoke cleartext access to a data column.

“We are honored to be granted such distinction, and to be recognized for our innovation. Deployed effectively, encryption is a powerful safeguard and a key component of a comprehensive security posture,” said Ted Julian, vice president of marketing and strategy for Application Security, Inc. “This patent reinforces our commitment to providing the most comprehensive database security technology, empowering enterprises to ground their security and compliance efforts in the databases that drive their businesses.”

Application Security Inc.

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