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Application Security, Inc. To Host Webinar Roundtable To Help Bridge The Gap Between Security Pros And DBAs

AppSecInc’s own CTO Josh Shaul will lead the discussion
NEW YORK, November 21, 2011 Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc), the leading provider of database security solutions for the enterprise, today announced that it will host a webinar roundtable discussion on Tuesday, December 6 at 2:00pm EST titled, “Can’t We All Just Get Along? Bridging The Gap Between Security Pros And DBAs”. The webinar discussion will illustrate the impasse that security pros and DBAs routinely face and attendees will come away with tips for finding common ground to create a more cohesive working relationship and a more secure data environment.

Protecting an organizations sensitive and valuable data is typically the primary goal of IT security teams. However, as seen throughout 2011, attackers have been more successful than ever in extracting massive amounts of valuable data out of even the most security conscious organizations. What the industry is doing to protect data today clearly isn’t working. There are several factors at play that are enabling the success of attackers, many are technical, but typically the biggest hurdles for security teams to overcome are around people and process. To put it simply, IT Security and DBA teams don’t usually get along. Very few security experts have any experience working with databases. Even fewer DBAs know anything about security or about the current threat landscape. The combination of this lack of mutual understanding and the criticality of databases to day-to-day business operations make for a perfect storm of database insecurity.

AppSecInc’s own CTO Josh Shaul will lead the discussion as Visiting Nurse Service of New York’s CISO, Larry Whiteside and DBA Supervisor, Larry Byrnes share the story of how they work together to achieve optimal database security and consistent harmony between the security and DBA teams. Scott Laliberte, a Managing Director with global consulting firm Protiviti will also join and share tales of real-world scenarios he has witnessed and lessons learned.

“This discussion is designed to help security professionals work better with DBAs, and vice versa, particularly when it comes to the challenges associated with database security,” said Josh Shaul, CTO, AppSecInc. “We have brought together a great mix of professionals to stimulate this conversation and provide important guidance based on many years of in-the-trenches experience.”

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About Application Security, Inc. AppSecInc is a pioneer and leading provider of database security solutions for the enterprise. By providing strategic and scalable software-only solutions – AppDetectivePro for auditors and IT advisors, and DbProtect for the enterprise – AppSecInc supports the database security lifecycle for some of the most complex and demanding environments in the world across more than 1,300 active commercial and government customers.

Leveraging the world’s most comprehensive database security knowledgebase from the company’s renowned team of threat researchers, TeamSHATTER, AppSecInc products help customers achieve unprecedented levels of data security from nefarious or accidental activities, while reducing overall risk and helping to ensure continuous regulatory and industry compliance.

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