Apple Approves New App That Allows You to Locate Stolen Or Missing PC, Mac iPhone And iPad For Free

LocatePC Mobile Tracker Lite, Pro now available
ATLANTA, June 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- LIGATT Security International (OTC: LGTT) announced today that the two new Apps LocatePC Mobile Tracker Lite and Pro are now able to track your stolen computer, iPhone and iPad.

LocatePC Mobile Tracker Lite is a free application in Apple's App store that allows you to track your iPhone and iPad for free. You can track unlimited iPhones and iPads from one account. With LocatePC Mobile Tracker Lite as well as Pro, you can track all of your devices in real time from your iPhone or iPad on a secure website, If you already have a full version of LocatePC or LocateMac software, you can track your computer with this App as well.

LocatePC Mobile Tracker Pro has all the same features of the Lite but you can take snap shots from your iPhone of the person using it. In addition you can download the full feature one- year subscription version of LocatePC/Mac software for your computer for only $4.99 instead of the $14.95 at

"LocatePC is already a great product but with the new version of LocatePC Mobile Tracker, it gets even better," says Gregory Evans, CEO of LIGATT Security International. "We are very excited about this latest edition and I'm sure the customers will be just as excited once they see how effective the mobile tracker can be," adds Evans.

According to USA Today, employees lost laptops the most when they worked out of the office, followed by when an employee traveled. The study also showed that about 40 percent of laptops were lost off-site, while another third were lost in transit or travel, like an airport, train station or in a taxi.

LocatePC and LocateMac allows you to:

-- See a real-time map of your computer, iPhone or iPad's location anywhere in the world -- Remotely shut down your computer from your iPhone -- Send a text message directly to the computer's screen from your iPhone -- Take snap shots of the thief using your computer and/or iPhone -- Activate a key logger that records every key typed onto your computer -- Check to make sure your LocatePC is running on your computer at all times

For more information about LocateMac visit For additional information about LIGATT Security International visit, or follow them on Twitter at and

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