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AdaptiveMobile Launches Policy Control Framework To Address Surge In Mobile Traffic

Solutions are designed to save costs for operators by offloading traffic on mobile devices as the growth in data traffic increases
19 February, 2009 " Barcelona, Spain, Mobile World Congress, " AdaptiveMobile, ( the leading provider of mobile subscriber protection for enterprises and individuals, today announces a new set of Policy Control Framework (PCF) solutions, designed to save costs for operators by selectively steering or 'offloading' traffic on mobile devices as the growth in data traffic increases. These solutions have been developed to work with leading equipment provider solutions, such as Cisco's Network Services Director Platform, to enhance user performance and provide cost control and revenue addition opportunities for operators.

The solution, which is an extension of AdaptiveMobile's PCRF portfolio, that addresses over three million subscribers globally, steers connections through or around infrastructure, according to the device the data is being accessed on. Networks have previously only been architected for mobile handsets, but the mobile data accessed on laptops has a very different data flow. AdaptiveMobile PCF provides operators with a cheaper option to deliver connections to mobile data, whilst also enhancing the user experience through automatic recognition of the type of device being used, e.g. with a PC images are automatically uncompressed so that they appear clear.

The solution also adds intelligence to the network to recognise when capacity has run out. It automatically starts a dialogue with the subscriber to see if extra capacity is needed, providing additional revenue opportunities for operators.

Simeon Coney, VP Business Development and Strategy, AdaptiveMobile, said: "The fast growth of Netbooks[1], along with the advancement of handsets, like the iPhone and Blackberry Storm, which move data and multimedia on the web, are putting immense pressure on mobile networks. This coupled with the ease-of-use and low price point for accessing mobile data means that networks are doing something completely different than they did a year ago.

"The volume of mobile traffic is so different now that operators must find better ways of generating revenue through the packaging of bundles and also investment in smarter solutions, that enable them to offer a better service to subscribers, whilst also controlling costs."

About AdaptiveMobile AdaptiveMobile is the leading mobile security provider of unified customer protection for enterprises and individuals. The company offers comprehensive proactive protection from the increasingly prominent threat of mobile viruses, malware, inappropriate content, unsolicited communications and spam at a corporate and consumer level. AdaptiveMobile's software works across all mobile and wireless bearers, for all technologies including messaging, internet and video.

AdaptiveMobile was founded in 2003 and boasts some of the world's largest mobile operators as customers and the leading security and telecom equipment vendors as partners. The company is headquartered in Dublin with offices in the North America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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