8 Threats That Could Sink Your Company

Security researchers warn of both new and re-emerging threats that can cause serious harm.
1. Resurgence of DDoS Attacks
2. Layer 7 Attacks
3. IPv6 Attacks
4. Supply-Chain Attacks
5. Attacks on Mobile Devices
6. Spear-Phishing Attacks
7. Business-Process Exploits
8. Business Email Compromises

Big distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are back this year, along with Layer 7 application attacks and the first-recorded IPv6 attacks.

According to Neustar's recent report, "The Changing Face of Cyberattacks," the overall number of DDoS incidents is up, as is the number of companies hit more than once. All DDoS attacks have a common goal: to exhaust network bandwidth, server resources, or applications in such a way that legitimate users cannot access a site.

What else should organizations be on the lookout for? Symantec's "Internet Security Threat Report" and recent research from Trend Micro pinpoint additional threats.

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