2018 Hacker Kids Gift Guide

Fun gift choices that foster design thinking and coding skills in kids both young and old.
Picasso Tiles    Price: $51.99  Ages: 2 years and up
Code-a-Pillar    Price: $47.01  Ages: 3-6 years old
Let’s Go Code Activity Set    Price: $26.71  Ages: 5-10 years old
Kano Computer Kit Touch    Price: $249.99  Ages: 6 years and up
Snap Circuits    Price: $20.99  Ages: 8 years and up
Sensors Alive     Price: $129.99  Ages: 8 years and up
Circuit Playground Express     Price: $33.99  Ages: 12 years and up
Beginner Lockpick Set    Price: $11.58  Ages: 12 years and up

We're in a golden era for teaching kids about science and programming. Gone are the days where experimentation toys are limited to potato-powered electronic kits. Security nerds and hacking experts who want to get their kids into coding and tinkering have a ton of options at their fingertips today, as niche toymakers home in on the foundational skills kids need to excel in computer science, hardware hacking, and more.

The following is a cool mix of holiday gift ideas for getting youngsters excited about hacking.

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