10 Top Password Managers

Tired of being stuck in password hell? Consider these password managers that balance security with convenience.

MyLOK+ provides two-factor authentication out of the box. It does not store data in the cloud or on the PC, nor does it modify any files on the PC. The fully encrypted USB drive serves as a repository for any document format. Once you've set a master password, MyLOK+ remembers the usernames and passwords for all your websites.

MyLOK+ is available for both Windows and Mac and offers features such as a random password generator, auto-login, browser plugins, an automatic form filler and more.

One caveat: If you do not have your MyLOK+ device, you will need to know your username and password to access your sites. That means that if you use the password generator to create a random alpha-numeric string and then forget the device at home, you're essentially locked out unless you reset your passwords. Another concern for USB devices in corporate environments is that many organizations lock down USB drives in order to control and protect their intellectual property and to protect against viruses.

Price: $189


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