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posted in September 2007

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Attackers Kill Anti-Fraud Site
News  |  9/28/2007  | 
Fraudwatchers.org buckles, collapses under weight of month-long denial-of-service attack
Your Health Is None of Your Damn Business
Quick Hits  |  9/28/2007  | 
Workers at Wyoming hospital reprimanded for breaking HIPAA rules to look at their own health records
Startup Wins License for Secure Biometrics Token
News  |  9/27/2007  | 
Technology promises to protect privacy of user whose biometric data is stolen or copied
Many Retailers Will Not Make PCI Compliance Deadline
News  |  9/26/2007  | 
Problems with applications, access management leave credit card processors facing fines - and vulnerabilities
Hackers Post Names, Credit Card Info on eBay
Quick Hits  |  9/26/2007  | 
Auction site says incident is a hack, not a leak
Canadian Government Sheds Light On TJX Breach
News  |  9/25/2007  | 
Attack was conducted via wireless links at two Miami Marshall's stores, investigation reveals
TJX Proposes to Settle Customer Lawsuit for $6.5M
News  |  9/24/2007  | 
Customers promised a $30 voucher and a three-day discount sale
P2P Leads to Major Leak at Citigroup Unit
Quick Hits  |  9/24/2007  | 
ABN Amro employee exposes personal data on 5,000 mortgagees by installing BearShare
Security's School of Hard Knocks
News  |  9/21/2007  | 
Security pros share five of the toughest lessons they've ever learned, and they've got the scars to prove them
Researcher Raises Alarm Over PDFs
News  |  9/21/2007  | 
Adobe files could soon become attackers' favorite medium for malware delivery, experts say
Hackers Get the Lingo
Quick Hits  |  9/21/2007  | 
Lingo, a New Zealand VOIP service provider, accidentally sends out the email addresses of more than 14,000 customers
Security Problems Linger at VA
News  |  9/20/2007  | 
Despite highly publicized breach, Veterans Affairs' IT efforts still coming up short, according to GAO report
Reports: Threats More Sophisticated, More Costly Than Ever
News  |  9/19/2007  | 
Cybercrime has become a cottage industry, and companies are feeling it in their bank accounts, researchers say
Hosting Vendor Suffers Major Security Breach
Quick Hits  |  9/19/2007  | 
Even the companies contracted to protect your data are losing it
New Attacks Target Top Executives
News  |  9/18/2007  | 
Trojan-style attack designed to fool CXOs into downloading data-sucking malware, researcher says
Lawsuit Raises Questions on TD Ameritrade Breach
News  |  9/17/2007  | 
May class action suit suggests brokerage firm knew about breach as far back as November but didn't disclose it
For Sale on EBay: Your Data
Quick Hits  |  9/17/2007  | 
Many companies leave sensitive data on recycled and donated hard drives, study says
TD Ameritrade Breach Affects 6.3M Customers
News  |  9/14/2007  | 
Brokerage firm uncovers data-sucking malware during system audit
Important Lessons We Learn From 'Star Trek'
Quick Hits  |  9/14/2007  | 
A clever techie offers a plethora of sage wisdom from Kirk, Spock, and friends - and the inspirational posters to remember it with
Quantum Research Could Threaten Encryption Schemes
News  |  9/13/2007  | 
New quantum computers implement algorithm capable of cracking most current encryption codes
Insider Threats Increase, But Damage Is Minimal
News  |  9/12/2007  | 
Annual Computer Security Institute study says employees are the source of most incidents - but not the biggest cost
Latest Disease in Hospitals: Identity Loss
Quick Hits  |  9/12/2007  | 
When it comes to laptop theft, medical institutions are getting a rash
Annual CSI Study: Cost of Cybercrime Is Skyrocketing
News  |  9/11/2007  | 
Average annual loss per company has more than doubled since last year, according to bellwether study
Hacking the White House
News  |  9/10/2007  | 
War walk around the President's house exposes some interesting vulnerabilities outside the fence, but solid defenses inside
A Battery That Runs on What?
Quick Hits  |  9/10/2007  | 
See how Japanese researchers are powering your favorite gadget with your favorite, um, bodily fluid
Group Sues White House to Restore Missing Emails
News  |  9/7/2007  | 
National Security Archive says White House must reactivate its email archiving system
Bloggers Held Under New Thailand Computer Crime Law
News  |  9/6/2007  | 
Online writers posted comments 'insulting to the monarchy'
Telemarketers Nailed for Fraud
News  |  9/5/2007  | 
Company rooked thousands of businesses into paying for directories they never ordered, FTC says
How a Simple Web Search Uncovered a Top Military Secret
Quick Hits  |  9/5/2007  | 
Real estate hunter exposes closely-guarded nuclear sub design
Pfizer: Strike Three
News  |  9/4/2007  | 
Pharmaceutical giant reports third security breach in as many months, leaves employees crying foul
China Makes 'Most Successful Cyber Attack Ever' on the Pentagon
Quick Hits  |  9/4/2007  | 
Chinese military proves its ability to disable US defense systems

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