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posted in January 2008

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Spyware Threat Isn't Dead, Experts Say
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
Traditional spyware attacks being replaced by more clandestine, malware-style deployments
Paper Outlines Methods for Beating Anonymity Technology
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
University professor postulates multiple methods for collecting data on 'anonymous' users
Real Men Don't Fear the Web
Quick Hits  |  1/30/2008  | 
Study reveals 'macho factor' in online security as many males express overconfidence in their system integrity
Researchers, Vendors Gear Up for Whaling Attacks
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Increasingly sophisticated phishing exploits target top executives, wealthy end-users
Societe Generale: How Did It Happen?
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Investigation continues as French bank and others try to figure out how a junior trader lost $7B
Enterprises Rolling on Logs
Quick Hits  |  1/28/2008  | 
Once seen as a necessary evil, security logs are now becoming an everyday data source, survey says
Hackers Attack Scientology
Quick Hits  |  1/25/2008  | 
"Anonymous" group launches denial of service attacks on church sites in retribution for YouTube's withdrawal of Cruise video clip
Most Malware Now Comes From Legitimate Sites
Quick Hits  |  1/23/2008  | 
Biggest danger is no longer purpose-built malicious sites, but legit sites that are unwittingly distributing dangerous code
'Drive-By Pharming' Now a Reality, Researchers Say
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
Theoretical exploit that allows attackers to hijack DNS servers and routers has been spotted in the wild, Symantec says
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.
Quick Hits  |  1/20/2008  | 
Dark Reading takes a day off to memorialize a great leader
Personal Data of 650,000 JC Penney Customers Lost
Quick Hits  |  1/18/2008  | 
GE Money says backup tape containing retailer's data was never checked out, but now can't be found
Malware Quietly Reaching 'Epidemic' Levels
News  |  1/16/2008  | 
New reports say malware increased by a factor of five to 10 in 2007
Intelligence Chief Proposes Wide Cyber Surveillance
Quick Hits  |  1/16/2008  | 
US National Intelligence Director says government should be able to tap all email, file transfers, and Web searches
IRS Still Hasn't Fixed Security Problems
News  |  1/14/2008  | 
Agency has corrected only 29 of the 98 weaknesses cited in its review last year, GAO says
Did Hackers Win It for Hillary?
Quick Hits  |  1/14/2008  | 
As rival calls for recount in New Hampshire, TV documentary claims voting machines were easily hackable
Teenage Hacker Takes Over Polish Tram System
Quick Hits  |  1/11/2008  | 
Boy operates public trams 'like a giant train set,' causing four derailments
Storm Botnet Turned Toward Phishing Attacks
News  |  1/9/2008  | 
Major banks targeted in intensive phishing effort driven by infamous botnet
Study: IT Monitoring Stresses Workers Out
Quick Hits  |  1/9/2008  | 
'IT surveillance can seriously damage employees' well-being,' researcher says
Competition May Be Driving Surge in Botnets, Spam
News  |  1/8/2008  | 
Market challenge from Nugache botnet may be pushing Storm's operators to expand, researcher says
SQL Injection Attacks Hit 70,000 Websites
Quick Hits  |  1/8/2008  | 
Automated attacks spread across government and education environments as well as commercial sites
Suit Alleges Sloppy Security in Major Sears Site
News  |  1/7/2008  | 
Customer warranty information can be easily accessed by anyone, court filing says
Chinese Hackers Invade Pennsylvania
Quick Hits  |  1/7/2008  | 
State government forced to shut down several primary Websites
Brits May Outlaw Data Loss
Quick Hits  |  1/4/2008  | 
Criminal proceedings could occur in cases of reckless or repeated loss of personal data
Breaches Plague Government Agencies
News  |  1/2/2008  | 
Lost laptops in Tennessee's Davidson County and at the US Air Force add to concerns about government's privacy practices
Is Sears Sending Spyware to Customers?
Quick Hits  |  1/2/2008  | 
Researcher says Sears and Kmart don't give enough information about app that tracks browsing activity

I Smell a RAT! New Cybersecurity Threats for the Crypto Industry
David Trepp, Partner, IT Assurance with accounting and advisory firm BPM LLP,  7/9/2021
Attacks on Kaseya Servers Led to Ransomware in Less Than 2 Hours
Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer,  7/7/2021
It's in the Game (but It Shouldn't Be)
Tal Memran, Cybersecurity Expert, CYE,  7/9/2021
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