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I Smell a RAT! New Cybersecurity Threats for the Crypto Industry
David Trepp, Partner, IT Assurance with accounting and advisory firm BPM LLP,  7/9/2021
Attacks on Kaseya Servers Led to Ransomware in Less Than 2 Hours
Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer,  7/7/2021
It's in the Game (but It Shouldn't Be)
Tal Memran, Cybersecurity Expert, CYE,  7/9/2021
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How Machine Learning, AI & Deep Learning Improve Cybersecurity
Machine intelligence is influencing all aspects of cybersecurity. Organizations are implementing AI-based security to analyze event data using ML models that identify attack patterns and increase automation. Before security teams can take advantage of AI and ML tools, they need to know what is possible. This report covers: -How to assess the vendor's AI/ML claims -Defining success criteria for AI/ML implementations -Challenges when implementing AI
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From DHS/US-CERT's National Vulnerability Database
PUBLISHED: 2022-10-01
SonicJS through 0.6.0 allows file overwrite. It has the following mutations that are used for updating files: fileCreate and fileUpdate. Both of these mutations can be called without any authentication to overwrite any files on a SonicJS application, leading to Arbitrary File Write and Delete.
PUBLISHED: 2022-09-30
### Impact In a CSRF attack, an innocent end user is tricked by an attacker into submitting a web request that they did not intend. This may cause actions to be performed on the website that can include inadvertent client or server data leakage, change of session state, or manipulation of an end use...
PUBLISHED: 2022-09-30
Dell Hybrid Client prior to version 1.8 contains a Regular Expression Denial of Service Vulnerability in the UI. An adversary with WMS group admin access could potentially exploit this vulnerability, leading to temporary denial-of-service.
PUBLISHED: 2022-09-30
Dell Hybrid Client below 1.8 version contains a Zip Slip Vulnerability in UI. A guest privilege attacker could potentially exploit this vulnerability, leading to system files modification.
PUBLISHED: 2022-09-30
A vulnerability in the LIEF::MachO::SegmentCommand::virtual_address function of LIEF v0.12.1 allows attackers to cause a denial of service (DOS) through a segmentation fault via a crafted MachO file.