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Sourcefire Accelerates Snort Performance For Faster Detection

Snort 2.9 will integrate Intel’s QuickAssist Pattern Matching Technology
COLUMBIA, Md., August 3, 2010 – Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), the creators of Snort' and a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced it would become the first security vendor to integrate Intel’s QuickAssist Pattern Matching Technology. Snort 2.9, now in beta, leverages the Intel QuickAssist Technology Pattern Matching mechanism to replace Snort’s internal Pattern Matching engine, which is used to select Snort' rules for deeper inspection. Leveraging Intel QuickAssist, Snort users will benefit from higher throughput and lower latency, improving Snort’s speed and extending its protection capabilities.

“Sourcefire is dedicated to providing customers with the best available protection, and offering Intel QuickAssist Pattern Matching Technology to Snort users will provide the increased detection speeds and reduced latency that high speed networks require,” said Tom Ashoff, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Customer Support at Sourcefire. “As enterprises leverage faster network speeds, security cannot be the bottleneck, and as the first security vendor to integrate Intel’s QuickAssist Pattern Matching Technology , Sourcefire is confirming its position as a business enabler.”

“The Intel QuickAssist Technology Pattern Matching service is perfectly suited for deep packet inspection applications such as intrusion detection and prevention systems,” said Steve Price, Director of Marketing, Power Performance Division at Intel. “Security solutions such as Snort are able to advance protection efforts and add significant performance improvements through the use of Intel’s API.”

With more than 295,000 registered users and nearly four million downloads to date, Snort is the world’s most widely deployed IPS. Used extensively throughout the Fortune 100 and the U.S. government, Snort is the de facto standard for intrusion detection and prevention. It continues to be supported by the open source community, the Sourcefire Snort development team and the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research TeamTM (VRT), a group of leading intrusion prevention experts working to discover, assess and respond to the latest trends in hacking activity, intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities.

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Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq:FIRE), is a world leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Sourcefire is transforming the way Global 2000 organizations and government agencies manage and minimize network security risks. Sourcefire’s IPS and Real-time Adaptive Security solution equips customers with an efficient and effective layered security defense – protecting network assets before, during and after an attack. Through the years, Sourcefire has been consistently recognized for its innovation and industry leadership by customers, media and industry analysts alike – with more than 50 awards and accolades. Today, the names Sourcefire and founder Martin Roesch have grown synonymous with innovation and network security intelligence. For more information about Sourcefire, please visit

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