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Solera Networks Launches OS 4.0

Solera OS 4.0 provides active network forensics solutions
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Dec. 8, 2009 " Solera Networks, a leader in the rapidly growing network forensics market, has achieved unprecedented growth in 2009 and released a significant upgrade to its award-winning platform. Solera Networks has rapidly become one of the most recommended and requested network forensics solutions by organizations demanding high-performing, scalable and reliable security for complex high-speed networks. The company will more than double its bookings in 2009 and will continue to invest in 2010 to meet the growing demand from government and enterprise customers.

Network forensics is quickly gaining interest from enterprise and government network security professionals who realize that prevention alone is not sufficient to defend against the latest security threats. Preparation for swift incident response is key.

"The sophistication and complexity of targeted attacks have increased the need for capabilities to replay and investigate potentially malicious network traffic," said John Pescatore, Gartner VP. "This allows enterprises to both more quickly react to suspected events and to proactively tune network security platforms to prevent future attacks."

To help security professionals actively identify the full source, context and scope of a security incident within any network, Solera Networks has unveiled Solera OS 4.0, the latest version of its flagship product that provides comprehensive active network forensics solutions for instant response when a security incident occurs.

"When we talk with our customer base and prospects, it is clear that other vendors are unable to address the needs of complex high-speed networks in an all-in-one, consolidated solution," said Steve Shillingford, CEO of Solera Networks. "Networks aren't slowing down anytime soon. Organizations are realizing that they can only analyze what they can see, index and store. The Solera OS 4.0 network forensics platform is like a 24-hour surveillance camera on your network, recording and cataloging every event, even on today's ultra-fast 10Gb networks. It allows customers to search all the traffic and identify the source, cause and extent of any network security breach."

With networks increasing in size and speed, the ability to record all network traffic in real-time and at high speeds is essential for effective incident response today, and into the future. Version 4.0 of Solera OS not only improves the platform's record-setting performance, but also includes Solera DeepSee Forensics Suite, which indexes all captured network traffic, delivers detailed interactive reports and allows intuitive navigation for easy search and discovery. This complete historical record of all traffic, even on the fastest networks, enables security professionals to move from complex 'incident response' to 'instant response' for any security event, thus mitigating future risk. Most recently, the platform's performance was put to the test at SC09, where Solera Networks was exclusively asked to test their product using real traffic at speeds reaching sustained bursts of 9 Gbps.

In addition to solid sales growth in the past year, Solera Networks is partnering with multiple security industry leaders, Solera Networks recently announced that the company's network forensics appliances will integrate with ArcSight's enterprise threat and risk monitoring solutions.

About Solera Networks

Solera Networks develops high-speed packet capture, retrieval, and reconstruction software for network forensics applications. Our systems capture every packet at line rates up to 10Gbps on physical and virtual networks. The Solera Networks architecture provides open platform interoperability, extensible storage, and portability for any network, giving security professionals comprehensive network visibility. For more information on Solera Networks, visit

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