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Portcullis Adds Strong Authentication To Gateway Appliance

Portcullis announces joint offering of the PointSharp ID Strong Authentication solutions with its Secure Application Access Gateway appliance
Marlborough, MA, September 1, 2009 " Portcullis Systems, Inc., a global partner with Microsoft and HP offering solutions for secure remote access, announced today the joint offering of the PointSharp ID Strong Authentication solutions with their Secure Application Access Gateway appliance. The PointSharp ID solutions will be available through all Portcullis Systems and PortSys UK outlets including their distributors and resellers in locations throughout North America and EMEA. "Strong Authentication is critical for organizations today. Username and password is simply not enough to stop today's hackers and organized crime", said CEO for Portcullis Systems Michael Oldham. "Tools to crack username and password are easily obtained by malicious users. Our security gateways offer the best secure remote access solutions available. And, with our partnership with PointSharp, we can now help our customers validate that the user attempting to access their systems is an authorized user."

Strong Authentication combines something the user knows, such as username and password, with something that they have in their possession, such as a hard token, mobile phone, or code card for example. This added layer of strong authentication secures the network thoroughly and seamlessly.

Portcullis Systems offers the server software plus many ways that customers can choose to provide their employees with Strong Authentication to match their business needs. Options include devices such as hard tokens, mini tokens, security cards, USB tokens, SMS to mobile phones, PC software, Code Cards and soon, Messenger (Skype/MSN), which can be custom-branded for customers if they desire.

Secure ActiveSync, a component of the offered solution, combines the standard domain identification in ActiveSync with phone identification. This secures the connection from the phone to Outlook when synchronizing and ensures that the information is delivered only to the employee on the known device and protects the organization if domain credentials are compromised.

"We are very excited with this partnership because it will give so many customers the opportunity to upgrade to strong authentication without straining their budgets," said Co-Founder of PointSharp Niklas Brask. "This combination is affordable, secure and fully integrated."

This joint offering will ensure that customer's networks will remain secure and access will be limited only to authorized users.

About Portcullis Systems

Founded in 2008 as a spin-off of NEI, formerly Network Engines, Inc., Portcullis Systems provides substantial expertise around the Microsoft Forefront Security products. As a recognized leader within their market, they provide significant value to their customers, above and beyond the value of the Microsoft applications that come as part of their appliances. Portcullis Systems currently has more than 300 customers representing some of the world's largest financial institutions, government ministries, defense departments, healthcare organizations and industry-leading enterprises.

Portcullis Systems is a privately funded company focused on network and applications security. With headquarters in Marlborough, MA, USA, Portcullis Systems also serves customers from its offices in the UK and through distributors throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. For more information, call (781) 996-4900 in North America, +44 208 196 2420 for International, or visit

About PointSharp PointSharp, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a software company certified as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV Partner) by Microsoft. They deliver identification products adding strong authentication to access products in general and Microsoft products in particular.

Contact Information: Kristin Canders Acaggio Public Relations 207-974-7744 [email protected]

PointSharp Niklas Brask, Co-Founder +46(0)70-738 7370 [email protected]