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Nominum Extends iView Service To Apple And Android Mobile Devices

iView Mobile leverages information gathered by the Nominum Analytics System to understand important network activity and trends on the network
Redwood City, Calif. – July 11, 2011 — Nominum, following on the introduction of iView™ its hosted network intelligence service, today announced the launch of iView Mobile extending real-time network intelligence to Apple and Android-based devices worldwide. As with Nominum’s iView service, iView Mobile brings together DNS information, application metrics, and performance data from resources across an operator’s network to provide actionable intelligence. iView and iView Mobile leverage information gathered by the Nominum Analytics System a cross-platform technology integrated within Nominum’s DNS software products and hosted services.

“When we introduced iView last year, it was a leap forward for network owners in terms of their ability to deeply understand the important network activity and trends to deliver a better service for their customers. With iView Mobile we have removed the location constraint on this information by making it accessible anywhere and in doing so have made it available to a much broader audience. With this new level of visibility, C-level executives and non-IT staff can now have up-to-the-minute network intelligence that used to be limited to datacenter staff,” said Jon Shalowitz, Nominum’s Executive Vice President of Marketing.

Network owners of all types can benefit from the insights provided by iView and iView Mobile. Whether a service provider using the Vantio™ Intelligent DNS System, an enterprise using SKYE™ Authority, or a government agency using a combination of Nominum technologies, iView and iView Mobile tie the information from these sources together. On the recent World IPv6 Day on June 8, Nominum customers using iView were able to monitor IPv6 queries being generated on their network and isolate misconfigurations that could lead to customer-impacting events. iView has also been instrumental in identifying denial-of-service attacks and rogue clients on an operator’s network allowing them to take proactive steps to maintain service levels. All of these capabilities are now accessible to executives and decision-makers wherever they may be.

In addition to its vast reporting capabilities iView allows management of a broad range of services. iView provides management options for SKYE™ Resolution and SKYE Authority offerings. In doing so, network owners now have a single interface for not only reporting, but also basic day-to-day management previously unavailable in web-based tools.

With iView being in production in customer networks around the world since 2010, certain trends have emerged based on information customers have shared with Nominum. These trends sometimes validate what would be expected and sometimes shed light on entirely new areas of network activity. For instance, global trending suggests that usage patterns change on the weekends vs. midweek. Interestingly, the pattern reverses when considering residential providers vs. commercial providers. Aside from trends, Nominum customers are reporting some interesting operational learnings from iView:

Uncovered routing inefficiencies leading to excessive DNS and network usage

Found unexpected IPv6 activity prior to launching IPv6 network support

Reported anomalous DNS traffic later diagnosed as an early indicator of a virus outbreak

In these and other cases, customers were able to take immediate actions based on this information gleaned from iView to better prepare their networks for future activity or thwart threats before having an adverse impact on the customer experience.

iView Mobile is available immediately as a free download via the iTunes Store for both iPad and iPhone and via the Android Market for Android devices. The iView service itself is available to Nominum customers as part of their annual support and maintenance contract.

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