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Emerging Threats Could Help Security Pros

New Website aims to make security data more useful and available

A new Website is promising to help speed IT security intelligence gathering, analysis, and research -- as well as the distribution of that data.

Emerging Threats, a community-based, grant-funded security research project, aims to become a centralized repository and distribution point of defensive security tools and data, according to site founder Matt Jonkman.

The site is closely partnered with Cyber-TA, a well-known security research organization, and among its first offerings will be defensive tools and signatures based on Cyber-TA's intelligence gathering tools.

"Our mission is to best use all of the data the open and commercial security community is generating," Jonkman says in his blog. "For example, sandboxing malware samples can yield a great deal of real-time and long term threat data, but often it is unused or not made available in a manner that [benefits] many tools and users. We will make available the feeds and tools to best use the data we generate, and data from any other project that is willing to contribute."

The site will carry over some of the rules and practices of Bleeding Edge Threats, which is no longer operating.

— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading