Why We Need Better Cyber Security: A Graphical Snapshot

By 2022, demand for security industry professionals will grow 37%.
The growing number of attacks on our cyber security networks remains a serious economic and national security issue. Accordin
More Internet access, coupled with lack of protection for personal devices, is leading to a global rise in cybercrime, making
Businesses today bear the brunt of attacks, but healthcare is becoming more of a target, especially for personally identifiab
Recent hacks of the State Department and White House offer more evidence of the growing cyberthreats against public-sector in
Through the decade ending in 2022, employment of information security analysts will rise 37% nationwide, federal projections

Over the past year, we have all experienced the onslaught of headlines about major hacks and widespread new information security threats. It has been dark reading, indeed, for the hundreds of millions of consumers who have seen their credit card numbers, email addresses, and other personal information exposed by online intruders.

Globally, cybercrime costs exceed $445 billion each year, with the United States accounting for nearly one-quarter of that price tag, the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported in June.

How did we get here, and what does it mean for the future? Researchers in the Florida Tech University online Master of Science in Information Technology/Cybersecurity program recently pulled together data on industry trends and predictions to create a graphical portrait of where the industry is -- and where it needs to be. Take a look at our slideshow on their findings, and then let's chat about what steps your company is taking in the fight for better cyber security.

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