Stocking Stuffers For Happy Hacking

Find that perfect gift for your co-workers and much-loved white hats without breaking the bank.
Ghost Pepper Balls, $10
Sugru, $12
Soldering Iron, $11.39
Lock Pick Kit, $12
Raspberry Pi, $35
Helping Hands Magnifying Glass, $6.26
Aerogel, $6
Flora, $21.49
Smart Mass Thinking Putty, $15
Maker Shed Gift Certificate, $10+

Whether you're looking for a little gift for a security team co-worker or you would like to fill the stocking of your geeky loved one, there's no reason to fall back on boring old candy or subpar booze. Instead, bring as much creativity to the task as your recipient would in pen testing a work site or researching vulnerabilities. The following trinkets and goodies are perfect for the tinkerers, experimenters, and pranksters who make up the lively IT security community.

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