State Of The Exploit Kit

Exploit kit traffic is down considerably following the demise of Nuclear and Angler, but many researchers see it only as a temporary disruption.
Exploit Kits Slow Down In Summer Of '16
Light Of Day Shrivels Nuclear EK's Business Potential
Rise And Fall Of Angler
Lurk Arrests
Other Kits Filling In The Gaps
Vulnerabilities The Kits Are Exploiting
Exploit Kits Are Still Spreading Ransomware

Turnkey exploit kits -- built in with malware infection mechanisms and distribution channels, command and control infrastructure, and everything a cybercriminal would need to attack users for the sake of data theft and other nefarious purposes -- have long been the bane of the cybersecurity landscape.

These kits put cutting-edge technical capabilities at the fingertips of crooks with very little geek cred but open pocketbooks, broadening the possibilities of wide-scale infection for profit.

On the good-news front, exploit kits have seen a massive slowdown in 2016. However, on the not-so-good-news front, many researchers believe that it is only a matter of time before the criminals pick up the pace again.

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