IGI Cybersecurity Introduces CISO Team-as-a-Service

Service gives customers access to a CISO-led team of practitioners with a variety of skills and expertise.

PITTSFORD, NY / Dec. 2, 2021—Infinite Group, Inc. (IGI) (OTCQB:IMCI) has added a new service to its portfolio to give customers access to its full team of security experts. CISO Team-as-a-Service™ (TaaS) is designed to help customers meet their business requirements around cybersecurity, leadership, risk management, and compliance.

IGI’s CISO TaaS™ includes access to a high-performance team of CISOs and security experts with more than 20 years of experience per team member. Each team member has extensive expertise in developing, implementing, and managing technical and operational security plans that align with business objectives, and are trusted advisors to C-Suite and Board of Directors.

“With the traditional role of a CISO evolving, companies can’t expect one person to meet all their business needs,” said Chad Walter, IGI’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “We designed a program that helps align cybersecurity with their business goals and gives them a level of service they can’t get with a single employee or consultant.”

The evolution of this service, formerly called Virtual CISO or vCISO, to a team approach is based on the changing nature of the CISO role. Since security risks and breaches can disrupt the entire company’s operations, the role of the CISO in business is no longer only technical in nature. The CISO is now much more involved in the overall risk management and business leadership of an organization.

“The CISO, or CISO team, now must be familiar with the business as a whole and tie security initiatives into the business,” said Andrew Hoyen, President and COO of IGI Cybersecurity. “CISOs are expected to have both breadth and depth of knowledge in key security areas—and understand how security affects the overall business. IGI’s new CISO TaaS provides our customers a security team but at a fraction of the price of a CISO.”

The CISO TaaS is a customized program that is focused on strategy, partnership, and execution. Included services are based on the customer’s individual needs, and may include policies and procedures, risk assessments, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, incident response, and more. The team’s security certifications include CISSP, CRISC, CDPSE, CISA, and more.

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