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Metasploit Creator Renames His Startup and IT Discovery Tool Rumble to 'runZero'

HD Moore's company has rebranded its IT, IoT, and OT asset discovery tool as the platform rapidly evolves.

Renowned security industry pioneer HD Moore — creator of the wildly popular Metasploit hacking toolkit — has renamed his startup Rumble to runZero in a nod to how its platform has evolved since its inception in 2019.

Moore initially built the IT asset discovery tool Rumble Network Discovery after years of witnessing firsthand as a penetration tester that organizations can't properly find, track, and manage IT devices on their networks, nor the security posture of those devices. He pioneered major research scanning for and discovering all types of exposed devices on the public Internet, ultimately developing the Rumble IT asset discovery tool that finds and fingerprints devices and their status on the network.

According to a blog post on the rebranding, the new name better reflects how the platform has evolved. Moore, the chairman and founding CTO of the startup, originally named the platform (and company) "Rumble" to mean "discover," but now that the platform can do more than find assets, he decided to rename it.

"Rumble was the perfect name for us at the time, but we've outgrown it. Each new integration we've added has extended Rumble's capabilities beyond discovery, by enriching asset data and uncovering coverage gaps in other IT and security tools," the company said in a blog post.

Moore's company received $5 million in venture capital in 2021.

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