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Cyber Training For First Responders To Crime Scene

FBI ties up with police association and Carnegie Mellon University to improve working knowledge of cyber investigations.

The FBI’s cyber unit, in association with experts from Carnegie Mellon University and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), has developed a Cyber Investigator Certification Program (CICP) to provide a working knowledge of cyber investigations to the first responders to a crime scene.

A release on the Bureau’s website says the first responder’s course was launched in October 2015 and is aimed at improving cyber knowledge of law enforcement personnel. So far 5,000 officers have enrolled for the training, which is free of charge.

“The more first responders understand about technology, the less chance there is of errors being made while securing a crime scene involving digital evidence,” says Special Agent James McDonald of the cyber division’s Cyber Training and Logistics unit.

There are nine online modules on topics like software, hardware, encryption, etc., with instructions from cyber experts. A certificate is awarded on course completion.

Also in the pipeline are four Level 1 classes for beginning-to-intermediate level detectives and three Level 2 courses for intermediate-to-advanced level officers.

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