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Omdia Webinar: How to Survive the Encrypted Network Traffic Apocalypse

Omdia Principal Analyst Eric Parizo discusses the changing network traffic decryption landscape amid encryption standards changes, and presents ways to maintain critical network traffic visibility.

Most enterprise network traffic is now encrypted. Many organizations do not decrypt and inspect this traffic, however, leaving them vulnerable to potential threats hiding within encrypted traffic flows. 

Numerous barriers make purchasing, deployment, and management of decryption technology difficult, if not impossible, for many organizations. Worse yet, improvements to encryption standards and important changes to enterprise network design and deployment may soon render many of today's enterprise decryption approaches and architectures obsolete. Given the rapid pace of change in both standards and technology, it is imperative that all organizations revisit how they undertake network traffic decryption, and more broadly how they address network traffic visibility in the context of risk management. 

In this Omdia webinar, featuring Principal Analyst Eric Parizo, learn about the changing network traffic decryption landscape, and how to maintain critical traffic visibility. Topics include changing encryption standards, emerging decryption approaches and new techniques for classifying encrypted traffic that promise supplemental or alternative options to the pressing need for every organization to review risk management in the encryption era.

Editor's note: This video features excerpts from a webinar originally recorded in 2021.

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