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PhoneFactor Adds OATH Passcode Option To Growing Authentication Suite

Enables multifactor authentication using an OATH passcode generated by the PhoneFactor Mobile App
July 10, 2012 – PhoneFactor, the leading provider of phone-based multi-factor authentication, today announces the addition of an OATH passcode option to its suite of phone-based authentication methods. This new capability enables multi-factor authentication using an OATH passcode generated by the PhoneFactor Mobile App or a third party OATH token. Users simply enter the passcode during login to authenticate.

The addition of OATH passcodes is just the latest extension of the PhoneFactor product line. A little over six months ago, the company launched its first mobile authentication app, which provides out-of-band authentication via a push notification to the user’s smartphone or tablet. PhoneFactor now offers apps for a variety of mobile platforms, all of which can now also function as soft tokens by generating a passcode using the industry-standard OATH algorithm. Users can be configured to always authenticate using an OATH passcode or only in the event that the user cannot be reached for out-of-band authentication.

“The phone is an incredibly powerful authentication tool,” said Steve Dispensa, PhoneFactor Chief Technology Officer. “By leveraging the full extent of its capabilities to provide a range of authentication methods, PhoneFactor is able to solve today’s complex authentication challenges. As phone technology keeps advancing, PhoneFactor will continue to build upon those advancements to deliver best-in-class authentication using the phone.

PhoneFactor offers the most comprehensive phone-based authentication platform in the marketplace. In addition to its flagship out-of-band phone call and text message methods and mobile authentication options, PhoneFactor offers a robust authentication platform featuring built-in support for leading on-premise and cloud applications, centralized user management, automated enrollment, user self-service, and extensive reporting capabilities.

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