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Marble Updates Next Generation Mobile Security Cloud Service

New features include advanced mobile app scanning, secure browsing, real-time analytics, and essential mobile device management (MDM) capabilities
SUNNYVALE, Calif. – October 8, 2013 – Today, Marble Security announced a series of updates to its mobile security platform that includes advanced mobile app scanning, secure browsing, real-time analytics and essential mobile device management (MDM) capabilities as well as support for new security features in iOS 7.

"The fact is sinking in that plain old MDM does not solve the mobile security problem," said Marble Security Founder and CTO David Jevans. "What is resonating with the IT and security teams we are working with is that we put security first and address the problem holistically with a unique combination of technologies that go beyond just managing mobile devices to actually securing them. Plus, as a cloud service, they like how easy it is to set up and manage. They can get going in a few hours and spend only minutes a day keeping their network and mobile users safe."

Enterprises are starting to face up to the reality that traditional MDM solutions do not protect their mobile perimeter. At the same time, mobile malware and phishing attacks have more than doubled, increasing the risks of BYOD and mobile access. Marble addresses these problems directly with its next generation mobile security cloud service, and in the new release, Marble is amping up its effective defense of enterprise mobile perimeters with more than four-dozen new and enhanced features spanning every aspect of the platform including devices, users, network connections and risk-based access control.

Mobile App Scanning/Device Security features in Marble for Android and iOS devices actively protect against malware and phishing, enforce security policies and create a real-time risk score used with Marble's Mobile Perimeter Defense&trade (MPD) risk-scoring technology to control network access. Advances include:

Device-level app scanning is now integrated with the risk scoring and policy engines and continually monitored, enabling enforcement of security policies on customer-owned devices based on the actual installed apps

Mobile apps are scanned continually anytime they have Internet access, enabling instant remediation of dangerous apps

Improved user alerts help reinforce safe user behavior and let employees know when they have problems with a device and what to do about it

Marble Secure Browser provides an isolated, highly controlled browsing environment on mobile devices. Additional features include:

Enabling strict control of user browsing behavior within the secure browser

Protecting against malware on the device or in the network connection, such as a compromised Wi-Fi hotspot

Providing data loss prevention (DLP) features such as blocking printing and file downloads to prevent data leakage

Marble Network is a secure, hosted virtual private network (VPN) that isolates users from network attacks like man-in-the-middle, re-directs, phishing and wireless eavesdropping. New capabilities include:

Expanded URL, IP address and Domain Name System (DNS) blacklists of malicious websites, updated in real time from global sources, block users from visiting dangerous websites

Private DNS service assures all network traffic is secure and prevents site spoofing

Auto-notifications alert users to make them more aware of risks and help improve their behavior

Essential MDM has added new MDM features to the Marble platform for organizations that have not yet deployed MDM or are looking to replace their existing MDM solution with a more secure, less expensive, all-in-one solution. Updates include:

Administrator capabilities to enforce minimum levels of passcode security policies on a user's device and passwords on the Marble app

Control over employees' mobile SD cards or cameras to turn them on and off to enforce security policies

Ability to remotely lock devices or wipe data from them

Detection of jailbroken or rooted devices

Marble Control lets administrators set and enforce risk-based policies, control mobile security through dashboards and run risk analytics and compliance reports. New features include:

Advanced device-level controls and higher levels of auto-remediation, making risk-scores more actionable

Improved at-a-glance visualization, making risk-scores more informative

Interactive dashboards that enable admins to assess their entire network and drill down to specific device problems, reducing mobile security operations to just minutes a day

Automatic email alerts notify admins of critical situations, simplifying management

Enhanced big data analytics and real-time updating, allowing admins to take a holistic approach in managing user behavior and identifying those users most likely to be at risk

Streamlined on-boarding, reducing time needed to on-board users to minutes

Geo-fencing, allowing administrators to control access based on physical locations of mobile devices

iOS 7 adds many enterprise-class security features that Marble will support to improve security of and control over Apple mobile devices and users. Additionally, many of these features that move MDM-type capabilities into the Apple operating system can be managed through Marble, simplifying the management of mobile devices. Some of these new capabilities include:

Marble will support "Open In" management to enable administrators to restrict a user to open and save certain files types, such as word documents, for example, in the Marble App

With per-app VPN, policies can specify which apps must use the Marble network, providing more granular control

With streamlined MDM enrollment, organization owned and issued devices can be preloaded with Marble

More information about Marble mobile device security is available at or by calling (408) 737-4300.

About Marble Security

Marble Security, Inc., offers a mobile security cloud service that protects against the ever-changing threats unleashed into enterprises by mobile devices. Simple to use and deploy, the Marble cloud service includes patented, adaptive protection to eliminate risks to corporate data, networks and applications. Criminals, competitors and hostile governments target enterprises and end users with an ever more sophisticated array of attacks. The BYOD workforce is particularly at risk. Marble secures mobile workers' access to corporate and public networks and cloud services on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Macs and Windows PCs, and offers more comprehensive protection than any other solution on the market.

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